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To qualify for the study, you must be between the ages of 8-21 years old, be on a standard dose of medication, and without symptoms or disease activity in the last 6 months.




Participants will be randomized into one of the below groups:


Stay on Current Medication Plan

Image by Moritz Kindler

Taper or Space Out Medications

Image by Nadine Shaabana

Stop Medications

Are you worried about what group you could be randomized to? We don’t know which treatment strategy is best once disease inactivity is achieved. This study hopes to determine the likelihood of maintaining remission with each treatment approach.

What does participation look like?

  • Follow your randomized treatment, for up to12 months.

  • Complete a short survey at each of your clinic appointments.

  • Two optional blood draws and MRIs at start and end of study, to help individualize patient care.

  • Observation for up to 24 months after you have completed your randomized treatment.

Study Video

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Patient Materials

flyer BACKOFF FAQ.jpg

Study Information

A quick overview of the study purpose and process.  

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