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As of  7/8/2024, 121 Patients are Enrolled

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About the Study

The BACK-OFF JSpA Study is a randomized pragmatic trial taking place at 30 Children's Hospital sites across the United States and Canada. This study investigates different TNFi de-escalation strategies for children who have sustained asymptomatic disease.

The goal of the study is to help answer the questions that many physicians, patients and families have about stopping medication and the risks involved. 


Dr. Pamela Weiss

Study Contacts


Emily Neu, Parent Lead

Emily Neu 2_edited.jpg

Participating Sites

Below is a list of all participating medical center and the contact for the BACK-OFF JSpA Study. 


Philadelphia, PA

Dr. Pamela Weiss


Seattle, WA

Dr. Natalie Rosenwasser


Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Michal Cidon


Pittsburgh, PA

Dr. Margalit Rosenkranz

Chicago, IL

Dr. Marisa Klein-Gitelman

Akron, OH

Dr. Kathryn Philippi-Cook

Orlando, FL

Dr. Mary Toth

Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Stacey Tarvin

Long Island, NY,

Dr. Heather Walters

Nashville, TN,

Dr. Lisa Buckley


Birmingham, AL

Dr. Matthew Stoll


St. Louis, MO

Dr. Kevin Baszis


Aurora, CO

Dr. Jennifer Cooper

Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Daniel Lovell


Salt Lake City, UT

Dr. Erin Treemarcki


Houston, TX

Dr. Eyal Muscal


Iowa City, IA

Dr. Polly Ferguson

Portland, OR

Dr. Daniel Kingsbury

Wilmington, DE

Dr. Evan Mulvihill

Columbus, OH

Dr. Edward Oberle

Atlanta, GA

Dr. Sampath Prahalad

Minneapolis, MN

Dr. Colleen Correll

Washington, DC

Dr. Hemalatha Srinivasalu

Palo Alto, CA

Dr. Tzielan Lee

Boston, MA

Dr. Joyce Chang

Kansas City, MO,

Dr. Ashley Cooper

New York, NY,

Dr. Karen Onel

Phoenix, AZ,

Dr. Michael Shishov

Dallas, TX,

Dr. Tracey Wright

Toronto, Ontario (CA),

Dr. Shirley Tse


Ann Arbor, MI

Dr. Atiye Olcay Bilgic Dagci

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